Recstar have experienced all stages of recruitment personally, formed by people that have worked their way to Director from Graduate levels themselves, therefore offering knowledgeable guidance for your personal search.  We understand the Recruitment Industry, and can assist with solutions that are tailored just for YOU.

Our registration process is thorough in the sense we listen and ask many MANY questions… we need to know what makes you tick after all!  Recstar believe it’s important to have a full comprehensive insight into our candidate’s career to help find the best opportunity that will suit your long term path.

We believe in long term solutions due to our desire to find you the perfect role that develops your career throughout the years.

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Are you looking for Entry-Level role?

Recstar is proud of our ability to identify true recruitment talent within the entry-level and market. Through our many years of experience within the industry we have learnt who and what it takes to be a successful recruitment consultant.


First steps:

If you are still at University or education we would 100% recommend securing a part time sales role.  When coming to interview stage it will greatly assist you, providing you the opportunity to discuss your successes and general experience.

There is also the research element, use spare time wisely and look at types of sales or recruitment industries that interest you – if you have many months of knowledge under your belt come interview it can only help!

We would also suggest speaking with friends or family members that may now someone within these industries, they may be able to hook you up with work experience… and naturally contact us!


Recstars Help & Guidance:

There are a number of ways that we can help you start or continue your career in Recruitment. From helping you write the perfect CV to how you present yourself in an interview and we will be there every step of the way.

Our network spans the Technology, Banking, Finance, Oil and Gas, Healthcare and Education industry sectors among many more. Our goal is to find your perfect role and support you for as long required during that initial transition.


After Care

Once we have found you your position, our after care service will be there to continue giving and your new company the support you both need to achieve respective business needs.

Everyone placed will be contacted during their probationary period (4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks) to make sure that they are getting on well within their new role. This is a proactive way for us to protect not only our investment but also ensure that our candidates and clients continue to be satisfied with the quality we are providing.

With regard to Associates we will continue to work with you on a monthly basis based on feedback of your development to ensure that you are developing as planned in the role.